100-page Super Spectacular ad, DC Comics

Originally at just 50c, and later rising to the heady heights of 60c—as here—DC’s 100-Page Super Spectaculars were worth every penny. With prices being what they are today I dread think how much one of these would cost if published today! While the reprints that made up the bulk of the content were often poorly chosen—though not always: Archie Goodwin made some fabulous choices when he was editing Detective Comics and had to fill several of these volumes—they were at least available to read, and so much cheaper than having to go out and track down the originals. Many of the reprints came from the Golden Age of the 1940s so were the kind of thing you were unlikely ever to see in their original home.

These ads ran through most of the DC line during 1974, changing each month to reflect the new crop, and enticing indeed they were. In 1974 I’d never even seen an US comic book, let alone a 100 page one, but once I began to pick up some back issues later in the decade my brain was frazzled at the very idea of such a chunk of panelogical goodness! Much, much later, once I had access to a comic shop, it became easier to seek these out, and I’m now well on the way to owning a complete set.

Biggest bargain in comics? Y’know, they just mighta been…

Image ©2012 DC Comics