I’m reading 52, and I’m quite enjoying it. Okay, it’s not the finest example of sequential art you’re ever going to see, but it is entertaining and holds the interest — plus it’s got Detective Chimp and Super Chief in it! You can’t ask for more than that.

Mind you, I tend to read it in runs of five issues or so, so I’m not really getting the intended effect. To all intents and purposes I treat it as a big monthly comic. As with most modern comics, I find it works better read in blocks.

The notion of a weekly comic is a novelty in the US of course, with the disastrous mid-80s Action Comics Weekly being one of the few previous attempts. Over here in Blighty though, weekly comics have always dominated the comic scene so we feel right at home picking up something like 52. Co-writer Grant Morrison cut his professional teeth in British comics (he was known to draw ’em too back at the very start!), so the pace must be familiar. It’s Kieth Giffen I feel sorry for: planning and laying out 25 pages of art a week is no mean feat.

Anyway, I’m kind of rambling here. Go check out the companion site for 52:


Lots of great stuff there. Look especially under the ‘Special’ heading and you can view Giffen’s layout pages, which are a joy. You also have access to all the wonderful 2-page character origin back-up features, with eye-popping art by the likes of Brian Bolland (Zatanna) and Adam Hughes (Power Girl). A treasure-trove!