Ad for new Superman 1969

Interesting ad here from early 1968. Mainly because there really wasn’t a “new” Superman in 1968 — that didn’t happen for another 2-3 years and the arrival of Jack Kirby, or, if you prefer, when Julie Schwartz and Denny O’Neil assumed the reigns of the Man of Steel. For the remainder of the 60s and much of 1970, Mort Weisinger remained firmly in charge, just as he had for the whole of the previous decade.His talents were in decline by this time though and he apparently threatened to resign every year like clockwork, only to be persuaded to stay with a healthy pay rise.

True, there were a few changes in style, a nod to the changing times, and the stories became book-length rather than shorter tales, but hardly anything major. So I dunno what the “new” thing is all about — perhaps just a bit of clever marketing, eh?

Image ©2010 DC Comics