Ad for Romance comics

Another of the gorgeous back cover ads to DC’s romance comics line of the late-1950s/early-1960s. National Periodicals was the company name back then, hence the “National Romance Group” logo — presumably to differentiate between these and good ol’ reg’lar DC comics with gaudily clad muscular chaps solving puzzles. Not that anyone was fooled for long, I’m sure.

I do like the little coda at the bottom: “Remember: When you’re looking for love — look for this symbol…” Well, they didn’t have back then, so, y’know, any port in a storm and all that. “Meet me at the restaurant, my love. I shall be wearing a red carnation, and carrying a copy of Secret Hearts.”

If you’re wondering where Young Love and Young Romance are in the list, they didn’t become DC comics until 1963 — when Prize sold them on. Unlike today – when you just know they’d start afresh with a brand new #1, probably guest-starring Batman – DC just continued the numbering from the Prize run.

Image ©2011 DC Comics