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A showcase here for the wide range of house ads to be found under the covers of a single issue of G.I. Combat. G. I. Combat jumped to giant sized format a full year before the remainder of DC’s line, and was pretty good value at 68 pages for just 25c. Issue #148, whence these adverts hail, was the last to carry the ‘Big’ prefix — from the following issue the title would fall into line as the whole of the DC range took on the 52 page format. Binky, as evidenced here, as well as titles like Date with Debbi and Scooter, also had a regular run of 68 page issues. Even the terrible twosome, Sugar and Spike, got in on the act.

While the romance comics tended to only carry ads for other romance books and some teen-type titles, G. I. Combat shows no such qualms with shout outs for teen comedy, super-heroes and the cosmic battleground that was Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen. Although it’s impossible to make out on this ad, the cover to Jimmy Olsen #138 had one of Kirby’s famous photographic collages behind a Superman figure inked by Neal Adams. Lovely stuff!

cover to G. I. Combat #148

G. I. Combat #148, June-July 1971

Cover art by Joe Kubert.

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