The following smorgasbord of great house ads comes from Wonder Woman #124, August 1961.

First up we’ve got the third Superman Annual. Now, the first Superman Annual was published in 1960, so DC clearly had a fairly loose understanding of the term “annual”. They went on to publish eight annuals in just 4 years!

At Last! Secret Origins ad

The second ad up there is one one of the most fondly-remembered comics of all time—well the 1960s anyway. For the first time in a single volume DC collected together several notable origin stories, including the Flash, Green Lantern, Adam Strange and Wonder Woman. There was also the fun story that first paired the World’s Finest team of Superman and Batman. It’s a great comic, and was reprinted in its entirety in 1998.

Next we got another giant tome, this one Batman Annual #1. This was later reprinted in 1999, and is a fine addition to anyone’s Silver Age collection. The stories all come from the early to mid-1950s and so are still pretty solid fare, before the true silliness set in in  the late 50s. In a similar manner to Superman, DC managed to get 7 annuals out of the years 1961 to 1964!

Batman Annual ad

Finally, we have a paired ad for Brave and Bold #37, featuring the Suicide Squad in their second go round in the try-out title, this being their fourth appearance, and JLA #6.

Suicide Squad ad

I love these things. So simple, and yet so effective. Even now I want to rush to my long boxes and pull out the comics for a re-read—and that, surely, is the mark of a good ad.

Image ©2012 DC Comics