Strange Adventures #218, June 1969

Following a run as home to Deadman, Strange Adventures landed on the desk of Julie Schwartz. He turned it into a reprint title featuring the cream of his sci-fi characters from the previous decade. First and foremost amongst these was Adam Strange, and the remainder of the title’s run pretty much re-presents the entirety of the Rann tourist’s adventures — making this a cheap and affordable way of picking up the stories without having to pay the inflated prices of the original Mystery in Space issues. For a while they’d even go so far as to add a small “Adam” to the front of the logo, as here!

While Adam Strange is most often associated with artists Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, the early tales were drawn by Mike Sekowsky. One of these is in this particular issue, along with an Atomic Knights episode and a tale of the Interplanetary Insurance, Inc (no, really). All great stuff, with some truly lovely art.

Cover, as if you need to be told, by Neal Adams.

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