A familiar cover composition is the L-shape, as demonstrated here by three of the best.

First up, this fine cover by Nick Cardy. Note how the shape brings Superman forward automatically giving depth to the scene.

Action Comics #414 cover

Action Comics #414, July 1972

Three years later Bob Oksner produced something very similar, again giving the illusion of depth as Lois hides herself — although not as successfully here as Oksner has chosen to use a close-up shot of Superman. Let’s be honest — from that vantage point Lois would have to be blind not to see the Man of Steel standing there!

Action Comics #446 cover

Action Comics #446, April 1975

Finally, Joe Kubert shows that these compositional rules can apply to comics set in any era with this World War 2 Losers cover. Ever the experimenter, Kubert has played with the composition a little, tilting it to give it more life and movement, as well as depth. The effect is heightened even more by Kubert pushing the “L” into the mid-ground by showing us more of the foreground. A mini-masterpiece this one!

cover to Our Fighting Forces #141

Our Fighting Forces #141, January-February 1973

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