Next Men #1

It is with some joy that I discover that IDW is to publish a couple of fat collections of John Byrne’s Next Men. Originally published by Dark Horse during the early-90s, Next Men was one of the finest comics around. I’d probably go so far as to say it was the last time I was ever really excited to find the latest issue of a comic had come in. I’m afraid these days I’m rather blase about whether comics show up or not, but Next Men was so thrilling that the new issue was instantly on the top of the ‘to read’ pile and would be devoured eagerly within moments of me getting it home.

The book lasted 31 issues before the comics market collapsed in 1995, and Byrne put it on ‘temporary’ hiatus. Unfortunately, it never came back — until now. Most exciting of all, Byrne reports that should the collections do well, there may be new material finally wrapping up the saga of the genetically enchanced youngsters.

I can’t wait. Buy a copy… Heck, buy TWO — and make my day!