DC announced at the recent San Diego convention that they’re about to embark on a series of animated DVD movies adapting some classic storylines. First up for the treatment are DC: The New Frontier, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, and Superman vs Doomsday. It all sounds like great news for the classic comics fan.


The idea that the art style in each film is going to reflect the art in the comics is intriguing and perhaps a little worrying — remember the Grantray-Lawrence Marvel Super-Heroes cartoons of the 60s? There, the producers merely photocopied the comics themselves and animated an arm or a mouth, added excitement by zooming into an image, and wobbled the camera to simulate an explosion! Those were the days. We had to make our own entertainment back then, y’know. None of these multi-million dollar CGI special effects. A few pages torn out of your favourite comic book, a super-8 camera, and you were good to go.