Ah subscriptions! Most comics publishers offered their readers the chance to subscribe to their favourite titles, allowing them to get their comics fix without having to faff about with little things like having to go to the shops in the wind and rain. Sometimes an incentive was offered. You might expect a poster, say, or a few ‘free’ issues, to entice the would-be subscriber to part with his/her parents cash. Archie, however, went that extra mile. As you can see here, in this mid-60s ad, they decided to offer free, see-through raincoats! Yowza!

Now, I like a raincoat as much as the next man — assuming that man isn’t the guy from the start of Cagney and Lacey, Rorschach — but a transparent one strikes me as kinda… kinky. Could it really be that rubber and PVC fetish wear got its start at Archie Comics?! Gah! Perhaps Wertham was right.

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