Launched in a fit of pique by ex-Marvel publisher Martin Goodman after his son, Chip, was denied a seat at Marvel’s top table, Atlas Comics (aka Seaboard) was nothing if not bold. “The new House of Ideas”??! If only. The insane decision to flood the market with twenty new titles pretty much doomed the company from day one. As if that wasn’t bad enough the comics themselves suffered from a severe lack of consistency, with creative teams often changing every issue.

Within a year the company was gone, none of its comics lasting more than four issues.

But Atlas did do a few things right: they paid the creators very high page rates for the time, and offered an early royalty deal and return of original artwork. Those things eventually became the norm for the mainstream comics companies.

And, despite there being a lot of rubbish, there are a few comics and characters worth a look. Indeed, over the coming months Gorilla Daze is going to be reviewing them all…

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