Weird Suspense #4, September 1975

In this issue, the Tarantula…

Hold on?! Number 4!!??

Yep. There actually wasn’t a fourth issue of Weird Suspense. However, this cover did appear in a house ad in Cougar #2, so we can be fairly sure that the issue was actually prepared and ready to go. The cover lines indicate yet another retelling of the origin of the Tarantula, which would be the fourth in just four issues! The letters column of the previous issue claim that Gary Friedrich intended to expand upon the nature of the tarantula cult. Looking at the image here, it would seem that his ideas were taking a sci-fi turn, and that it would be revealed that the tarantulas were alien in origin — which would at least go some way to explaining their green skin and red compound eyes, I guess. Bit of a shame it never came out really, it might have helped make more sense of what had come before.

I can’t read the signature, so can’t comment on who the artist was. Rich Buckler perhaps.

So, that was Weird Suspense and the Tarantula. Not quite Atlas’s answer to Spider-Man (he’d come later), and not one of their better titles.

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