Back Issue #28

Solicited in the current Previews is the latest Back Issue magazine: number 28. This one features an article by men looking at the story of Miracleman. Written by Alan Moore in the early days of his career, and designed and drawn by Garry Leach (currently providing stunning cover art for the new Dan Dare comics, as well as inking Chris Weston on JM Straczynski’s The Twelve), Miracleman originally saw print in the ground breaking magazine, Warrior. It paved the way for the whole grim and gritty movement that took over comics storytelling in the 80s, and is something of a dry run for Moore’s more famous Watchmen.

Available to order at TWOMORROWS the theme of the issue is “Heroes Behaving Badly” and also has articles on the Hulk, Terra, and Manhunter.

A preview of my article has been posted at Westfield Comics