Brave and Bold #68

No, no, it’s okay, you CAN believe your eyes! It’s not, however, some early, Silver Age, Marvel/DC crossover of which you were previously unaware. In Brave and Bold #68, Oct-Nov 1966, thanks to a dastardly plot by the Joker, Batman finds himself transformed on occasion into the Bat-Hulk! Mike Sekowsky drew this typically way-outside-the-box Bob Haney plot, and the sight of the Bat-Behemoth lumbering about Gotham City chortling maniacally is not something you’ll soon forget!



Just imagine that story had been adapted for the then-current Batman tv show. Would we have had a young Arnold Schwartzenegger in the role, or l’il Lou Ferrigno??!

Oh, to live in a parallel universe!

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