With Thanksgiving being a time for family, I thought I’d present here the Batman Family portrait. A fine 1961 vintage, this was presented as a back cover pin-up in Batman Annual #2 — yes, the very same one that also features Batman in a kilt. So, y’know, it’s well worth tracking down.

Anyway, who have we got here? Batman, of course, and Robin. The David Niven-esque chap is Alfred, who started off a quite portly, then got thin, and then… died. And then came back to life! Yep — Alfred did it first, folks, so take that Jean Grey! Smoking his pipe is Commissioner Gordon, risking lung cancer in the cause of fighting crime, but everyone smoked back then. The lady to the right is Batwoman, who stalked the night bringing fear to supersticious, cowardly criminals in her bright yellow outfit. Kathy Kane had a bit of a crush on Batman, but could never work out his secret identity. She should have asked the girl seated next to Robin: Bat-Girl, aka Betty Kane, Kathy’s niece, who figured out Batwoman’s secret identity from the presence of a gold star in her aunt’s hairbrush one day…!

At top, yes, it’s Bat Mite. Superman was plagued by 5th dimensional imp Mr Mxyzptlk, and so editor Jack Schiff decreed that Batman needed an other-dimensional imp of his own. Bat Mite was around for a long time — too long. There was even a team-up between him and Mxyzptlk!

And, last, but not least, at bottom — some might say ‘rock bottom’ — it’s Ace the Bat Hound. Oh my, yes. Superman had Krypto, and so the Caped Crusader got a mutt of his very own. One who protected his identity by wearing a mask. Don’t ask.

The other member of the Bat Family appears here in name only: Bob Kane. Needless to say, he didn’t actually draw this.

Art by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris (probably).

©2008 DC Comics