Batman #127

Batman #127, October 1959

No, it’s okay, you haven’t missed a Marvel/DC crossover—this Thor appeared right here long before Stan and Jack’s more familiar Thunder God took to the air. Interestingly enough, the plot features a mild-mannered museum curator who becomes the Thunder God when he touches a viking hammer! Sound familiar? Conspiracy theories start here. Let’s start a campaign to get the value of this comic raised to stratospheric levels by getting it listed in Overstreet as a ‘proto’ appearance.

One can only imagine what an actual Thor/Batman clash would’ve been like had Kirby been approached to handle such a thing in the mid-1970s. I don’t think Kirby ever drew the Dark Knight properly—we’ll ignore Super Powers and a commission or two—but I think his Batman would have been a blast. I guess it would have been essentially the early-1960s giant-robots-and-aliens Batman but with the peddle to the metal! Come to think of it, what if, in 1970, it had been Batman that DC wanted Kirby to makeover and not Superman. Would Bruce Wayne have found the Hairies living in the back of the Bat Cave? Would the DNAlien have trashed Wayne Manor? Robin and the Newsboy Legion? Just imagine…

Cover art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye.

Image ©2012DC Comics