Batman Family #17

Batman Family #17, May 1978

Yep, Batman had a family: it says so right there in the title. Everyone was doing it back then, at the same time DC had a Superman Family, a Tarzan Family, and even — rather ludicrously — a Super-Team Family.

Anyway, for much of its 20-issue life, Batman Family was a reprint title. However, for the last few issues, #17-20, it became a dollar comic and had all-new material. And what material it was: Mike Kaluta and Jim Starlin covers; Batman, Man-Bat and Demon stories drawn by Mike Golden. Batgirl, Robin and the Huntress in solo action. There’s lots to love here.

Look at this cover here. Go on, admit it — who flushed that baby demon down the toilet?

Batman Family #18

Batman Family #18, July 1978

Art Mike Kaulta (BF#17) and Jim Starlin (BF#18)

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