Beauty on a Budget by Liz Berube

Here’s another of the near-ubiquitous filler pages from DC’s early-1970s romance comics, again drawn by the incomparable Liz Berube. Sorry, I can’t remember which particular issue I scanned this from, but it’s a, er… beauty, isn’t it? Whether sitting on an ice cube, or filling your bath with ocean water really helps you in the beauty stakes I couldn’t possibly comment, but if DC say it’s true, I guess it must be! As for “endpapers”, I have no idea. As far as I’m concerned “endpaper” is that black page at the start and end of a hardback book, but a quick web search would seem to indicate that endpapers are be thin pieces of tissue paper used to aid the curling of hair.

Well, there you go. You learn something new every day.

Image ©2011 DC Comics