First up, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys this blog. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of hits Gorilla Daze gets, and it nice to know I’m not just writing for an audience of one. It’s great that so many people love and appreciate wacky old comics. Feel free to comment on what you see: just pop in your e-mail address on the registration form and a password will be sent to you. The first comment is moderated to help keep spammers at bay (I get a lot!), but after that post away to your heart’s content.

Gorilla Daze: when men were men, adventure was too dangerous for a girl, and Jimmy Olsen wore a dress…

In addition to the blog, I also produce an online comic strip, Bleeding Between the Lines. It’s been sidelined for a while now as I’ve been busy setting up Gorilla Daze, but it’s something I fully intend to get back to.

I also write articles on aspects of comics history for Back Issue magazine, so, if you like what you see here, you might want to seek that out.