I was at the big UK comics convention in Bristol yesterday. Well, I say ‘big’… it’s essentially the only UK comics convention. I’ll admit to not particularly caring for the ‘convention’ part — I like to just wander around the dealers’ room filling holes in my wants list and bagging a few bargains.

Picked up a run of DC’s mid-70s Conan rip-off, Claw the Unconquered. A run of Steve Ditko’s take on Kirby’s Machine Man — useful reference for an article I’m writing for an upcoming Back Issue. And I completed the set of First Issue Special, which is not something you’re going to see too many people boast about!

Then there was issues 2 and 3 of Spyman. I’ve never seen those before, so I’m really pleased with those. Spyman was one of the characters Jim Steranko was involved with for Harvey Comics in the mid-60s before he jumped ship to Marvel.

Then there was Champion Sports, and a host of Atlas comics: Tiger-Man is a comic you really should read at least once.

Eclectic is my middle name.

Claw the Unconquered #1