Space: 1999 #1

Space: 1999 #1, November 1975

Space: 1999 is possibly my favourite TV SF show — it alternates with UFO, Doctor Who and the original Star Trek. One of the finest things about Space, in the first year at least, was Professor Victor Bergman, as portrayed by Barry Morse. Sadly, Barry Morse passed away at the weekend. At 89 years, I guess one shouldn’t be too surprised, but his death does sadden me. He looms large in my memories of childhood: he was also in The Adventurer series with Gene Barry, which I loved as a kid. But, it’s Space: 1999 I’ll always remember him for.

Tonight I raise a glass to his memory, and run the cover to Charlton’s magazine version of Gerry Anderson’s magnum opus. Art by Gray Morrow.

Farewell Barry… Victor… you were the best.

©2008 Charlton

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