Super DC Giant Romance 1971 ad

From Falling in Love #121 (Feb 1971) comes this, er, lovely ad for Super DC Giant #S-21. This was a reprint series that featured an eclectic mix of contents across its run (it only ran for six months or so, but managed to pack 14 issues into that period). Two issues are particularly hard to find these days, commanding very high prices on the back-issue market, and they’re both romance issues. #S-17, Love 1970, features a classic Nick Cardy beach snog cover, while this issue, Love 1971, has a cover by the rather less well known Charlie Armentano. It’s a beautiful piece though, and is one of those unusual mini-masterpieces that the early 1970 DC comic occasionally throws up. The reproduction on this newsprint ad don’t do the original psychedelic colours any justice.

The interiors of both are the usual romance fare, with #S-17 featuring much older reprints. The stuff reprinted Love 1971 was so recent, you can only assume it was found sitting on the end of Joe Orlando’s desk awaiting storage!

Normally it’s worth pointing out reprints as a way of obtaining classic material as cheaply as possible. However, oddly enough, with both Love 1970, Love 1971—as well as the Love Stories issue of DC 100-Page Super Spectacular—it’s far, far cheaper to go and buy the originals than the reprints!!

Image ©2011 DC Comics