Jughead as Captain Hero #4, April 1967

Even the decidedly peculiar Archie heroes got in on the gorilla cover act. Here we see Captain Hero (aka Jughead) and Pureheart the Powerful (aka Captain Pureheart, aka Archie) taking on the might of a beastly simian. Okay, they actually call it a “ghastly ghoul”, but we know what they’re really getting at, don’t we? The guy dressed in green, by the way, is Evilheart (aka Reggie). However, the issue’s main villain is one Doctor Nose. No, really.

As for “Dick, Vic, Bob and Bill”… well, that’s a long story.

These super-hero versions of Archie Andrews and chums were entirely separate from the Mighty Comics line featuring the Shield, Black Hood and the Web, etc., even though they too were published by Archie Comics (formerly MLJ).

Image ©2010 Archie Comics