I’ve not read the issue concerned (Challengers of the Unknown #48, March 1966), but this histrionic ad is a lot of fun. “Greatest teams of all time”? The Challengers and the Doom Patrol?? Nah. Both are really little more than footnotes in the history of comics, though their comics were generally fun and well done. The Challengers, of course, were a creation of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, but very much one of their lesser efforts. These days the team is perhaps more famous for allegedly being the inspiration for the Fantastic Four (but I don’t believe a word of that). The Doom Patrol, on the other hand, are sometimes claimed to be the inspiration for the X-Men, but they and Marvel’s merry mutants actually debuted at much the same time, so the similarities are merely coincidental.

In 1966 the idea of super-hero team-ups was still a novel one, and super-hero team team-ups even moreso. So, I guess, in some small measure, this issue was indeed “blazing a new path…”

Art by Bob Brown.

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