Charlton was a cheap and cheerful comics publisher — with the accent on cheap. Rarely much good, its comics — mostly anthologies — kept coming month after month for the best part of forty years. The reason for that is that Charlton owned its own printing presses, and needed something to keep them running to full capacity — an idle press being an extremely costly proposition. Comics, which could be filled with plenty of material very cheaply, fit the bill nicely.

Charlton mainly made its money with music magazines, the comics were very much a secondary consideration.

By paying such low rates Charlton couldn’t hold on to its most talented creators for long, though a few (such as Steve Ditko) enjoyed the freedom that Charlton allowed. None too fussed about what went into the comics the Charlton editors pretty much waved anything through, very rarely requiring changes. After his frustrations with Marvel and DC, Ditko relished the chance to produce strips without editorial interference.

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