Galactus by Gene Colan

Here, take a look at Gene Colan’s Virtual studio:

Colan is, of course, probably best know for his 70-issue run on the Tomb of Dracula comic during the 1970s. He also produced long stints on Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman, amongst much else.

His lushly rendered pencil art is unique, completely unmistakable. While many artists struggle to represent form in their work, Colan solved the problem long ago by rendering in subtle tones of grey.

It’s a brave inker who tackles a Colan page, and many fail. The most successful is Tom Palmer, who inked much of the Dracula run, and some memorable Daredevils. Another beautiful combination was the Bill Everett inks over Colan pencils we were treated to for Amazing Adventures #3-#6.

The Virtual Studio gives you a chance to view Colan’s art in its purest pencil form. Here is an artist in full control of his drawing, and the results — many of which are private commissions — are simply stunning.

Art ©2007 Gene Colan
Galactus ©2007 Marvel Characters, Inc