Ah, Man-Thing.

Created by Gerry Conway in the early-1970s, and first appearing in Savage Tales #1, Marvel’s first regular foray into the black and white magazine scene, Man-Thing really found his (muck-encrusted) feet only with the arrival of writer Steve Gerber in Fear #11 (December 1972). Unable to effectively characterize what is, after all, a perambulating mound of sludge, Gerber was forced to build his stories around the supporting players. This essentially turned the comic into an anthology as Man-Thing wandered around encountering all manner of folk on the crossroads of life-changing decisions, attracted to their strong emotions.

It’s probably fair to say that Man-Thing was a product of his time and some of the stories are perhaps a little creaky these days. But don’t let that put you off, some of these comics are among the finest ever done: just check out Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 and prepare to be moved…

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