A Distant Soil #29, March 2000

“So, why pick this one as a Cover of the Week?” I hear you cry. And I’ll answer, “C’mon! Why do you think?” 🙂

I love this cover so much I even have it as a fridge magnet — now that’s dedication! When the comic first appeared I asked Colleen if I could buy the original, only to be crushed upon being told that she’d already sold it to some Image Comics bigwig… Grrr!

The cover image is actually a preliminary drawing for what was intended to be a painting. Unfortunately, while attempting to speed-dry the painting in the kitchen oven, Colleen accidentally left it a bit too long and had to be rescued by a bunch of firemen. She was okay — the painting wasn’t. It’s not easy being a comics artist!

For those not in the know, this young lady (although if you were in the know, you’d know she ain’t so young!) is Bast, an Ovanan shape-changer, who was stranded on Earth many millennia ago. She’s recently hooked up with a couple of teenage alien refugees; a tough cop; the leader of a guerilla resistance movement; his fire-controlling boyfriend; a magician; and Sir Galahad — yes that one. These are just a few of the rag tag characters that are attempting to overthrow a vicious alien Hierachy with villainous designs on Planet Earth.

It sounds bizarre and complex, and, y’know what?, it is. But in a good way. Twenty-five years in the making, A Distant Soil is one of the finest examples of independent story-telling you’re ever going to find in comics. Collected so far in four trade paperbacks, with one more to follow, ADS has gorgeous, eye-popping art, engaging characters, good humour, an exciting storyline, and a big heart. Created, written, and drawn entirely by Colleen Doran, it’s been a labour of love, and a long, often strange journey for both her and her fans. But it’s been oh so worthwhile.

Just this month, Colleen has taken the decison to make the whole thing freely available online. She’s currently posting a new page every day, starting from the beginning, so you have no excuse not to visit her site and give it a whirl:



TM & ©2009 Colleen Doran