Aquaman #50, April 1970

Cover-dated the month the Beatles broke up, this is another in a long run of magnificent cover images by the incomparable Nick Cardy. The man’s a genius. Regular penciller/inker on Aquaman, Teen Titans and Bat Lash for much of the 60s, he went on to be DC’s main cover artist in the 70s. There weren’t many titles between 1970 and 1975 that weren’t graced by at least one Cardy cover.

This particular issue is of extra note — not just because it has a back-up Deadman feature by Neal Adams, but also because the letters page has a missive from a young lady who would go on to edit the Legion of Super-Heroes (she was the power behind the throne for the all-time classic Great Darkness Saga), as well as many other comics for DC, before heading across the road to Marvel to get the Epic line underway: Laurie Sutton.

You can tell she had editorial designs even at that early stage, eh? But, no, they never did produce an Aquaman Annual — well, not until much, much later anyway…

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