Avengers Annual #7, 1977

To prove the point that it’s not all DC Comics round these parts, here’s the fine cover to one of my favourite comics of all time. Jim Starlin had been making waves at Marvel for several years, for the most part working on a single, huge, linked story of cosmic proportions. The saga of the evil god Thanos and his obsession with Mistress Death wound its way through numerous fill-in issues, as well as a fair run of Captain Marvel, before climaxing in the revived Warlock series. When that was cancelled prior to the story’s conclusion, Starlin was allowed to use this Annual and that year’s Marvel Two-In-One Annual (#2) to wrap thing’s up. And a brilliant job he did too.

Though it probably makes zero sense unless you’re familiar with what’s come before — and you really do need to read the MTIO Annual as well — this is an essential component of any comics collection.

Art by Jim Starlin.

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