Creeper #1

Beware the Creeper #1, June 1968

After quitting Spider-Man and Marvel in 1966, Steve Ditko did much work for Charlton comics. There you weren’t paid much money, but you did get artistic freedom, which suited Ditko. Later, he made the move to DC comics, where he created two fondly-remembered series: Hawk and Dove and the Creeper.

Oft-times bizarre, Ditko’s characters are never less than fascinating: in addition to the above-mentioned, Ditko also created the Question (currently riding high in 52), Mr A, Shade: the Changing Man, Speedball, and, of course, co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The man himself maintains a silence, preferring to let his work speak for itself — who am I to argue? Feast your eyes on the genius of Steve Ditko.