The Brave and the Bold #23, May 1959

Fabulous cover by the inimitable Joe Kubert, depicting the Viking Prince. While the Prince had appeared since the start of B&B in short stories, this issue features the character — and the lovely Kubert art — from cover to cover. A prime example of the grey-tone style that DC employed for many of its comics in the late-50s/early 60s.

I daresay B&B is most often thought of as Batman team-up book, but that came quite a lot later in the run. For the first fifty issues or so there were a variety of features, and the first couple of dozen starred solid adventure characters of the likes of the Viking Prince, Robin Hood, and the Silent Knight. Super-heroes arrived with the first appearance of the JLA in B&B #28, and several issues later, the book was used to launch the Silver Age Hawkman.

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