Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #2, December 1971

Not particularly Christmassy this one, but Christmas does seem to be a time for ghost stories and gothic romances. All these covers are fairly similar in content — after all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Grand Comicbook Database credits Joe Orlando with this image, but I remain unconvinced.

Dark Mansion — and, intially, Sinister House — was edited by one of the few women editors of the era, Dorothy Woolfolk. She was also editing Wonder Woman at the time, amongst others. She’d originally worked on the editorial staff back in the 1940s, and had a hand in developing Wonder Woman. Apparently none too popular on staff, Woolfolk was gone within a fairly short space of time. The interior art here was split between Tony Dezuniga and Don Heck, both handling one story each.

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