Legion #38

Legion of Super-Heroes #38, September 1987

A couple of posts back we saw the death of Supergirl. This issue of the Legion dealth with the death of Superboy. John Byrne’s re-imagining of the Superman character following the Crisis on Infinite Earths meant that there was no longer any place for additional survivors from Krypton, nor a young version of Superman. This posed quite a problem for the Legion creators as both Supergirl and Superboy were major players in the team. Indeed, the exploits of Superboy were what first inspired the creation of the team in the 30th century!

Supergirl was replaced in history by “Laurel Gand”, while Superboy was now revealed to be a young version of Superman from a pocket universe. It was a bit of a messy explanation, but it was about all they could do. At the end of this story, the pocket universe Superboy was killed.

This cover by Bill Sienkiewicz sums up pretty much all there is to say about Superman.

That it has a prominent spot for Dawnstar is entirely beside the point…