Our Fighting Forces #140, November-December 1972

Great Joe Kubert cover to this long-running war comic. Another example of DC’s then fairly common practice of playing around with logos. Though the main title stays in its usual position, the “Losers” logo is shunted off to the left forming a kind of chimney effect behind our heroes. This gives the speech balloon even greater prominence in the design, and adds to the illusion of depth to the street below.

The “Losers” were Captain Storm, Johnny St Cloud, Gunner and Sarge, a quadrumvirate of characters that had originally appeared in their own comics and strips, but were brought together when these solo spots proved unsuccessful. The central concept behind the grouping was that these guys never won a battle without losing something along the way. Just another DC war quirk: the Unknown Soldier was unknown, Gravedigger dug graves, the Haunted Tank was haunted, and the Losers… lost. A lot.

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