Showcase #3

Showcase #3, July/August 1956

Here’s a nice — not to mention early! — example of one of the greytone covers DC was experimenting with in the late ’50s. DC production chief Jack Adler added colour wash to the tonal pencil work of Jerry Grandenetti, to produce a lovely effect.

The early issues of Showcase are pretty interesting, in a not-really-all-that-interesting kind of way. The first issue featured the adventures of a fireman, #2 was about fun and frolics in the great outdoors, and #3, this one, was about frogmen (as opposed to Frog Men, which woulda been an entirely different kettle of fish). Exciting stuff, eh? Thankfully, the editorship passed to Julie Schwartz for the next issue, and he figured it was about time super-heroes made a comeback. The Flash was revived, and the rest is history.

Cover ©2008 DC Comics