Sinister House of Secret Love #1, November 1971

At this point DC flirted with the Gothic Romance genre. The idea being, I suppose, that the (predominantly female) readership of the novels would be enticed into trying some comics by these moody covers and titles. Sinister House‘s sister title was Dark Mansion of Forbidden Romance (cover HERE) and the pair ran in tandem for several months.

The experiment can’t have been too successful: by the fifth issue both titles had been renamed in a far more generic manner. Sinister House became the rather anodyne Secrets of Sinister House.

I have no idea who did the cover… Jeff Jones maybe. It has to be said that the interior art is not as nice, being by Don Heck. This is one case where it’s fair to say that once you’ve seen the cover, you’ve seen the best of the comic…

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