Sinister House of Secret Love #2, January 1972

Another rather lovely cover to the second issue of this Gothic Romance comic. Jeff Jones seems to get to nod as artist for the central, painted bit — though I’m not entirely convinced. The surrounding vignettes are by Tony DeZuniga, who also drew the interior art. And a very lovely job he did too: this is romance comics at their artistic best.

DeZuniga, of course, spearheaded what was to become known as the Filipino invasion. As the ’70s wore on DC, striving to cut costs, increasingly relied on the services of foreign artists such as DeZuniga, Redondo, Alcala, Nino, etc, to fill the books.

Dorothy Woolfolk edited issue one, but with this issue the title was handed over to Joe Orlando. He continued it on in very much the same vein though — at least for a few more issues.

Note, too, that it contains — and I quote from the cover — “A Graphic Novel of Gothic Terror”. This was 1971, seven years prior to Will Eisner “creating” the graphic novel… 🙂

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