Prez #1

Prez #2

Prez #3

Prez #4

Supergirl #10

Prez #1 Vertigo

Because Colleen Doran demanded it! She wants the Prez back — and who can blame her?

Created in the swinging ’70s by sometime comics genius Joe Simon, Prez was one of the strangest comics of all time. The action saw a teenager ascend to the highest office in the land, opposed by a guy with a smiley badge for a head..!

Over the coming weeks Gorilla Daze will take an in-depth look at this wacky series, but for now just feast your eyes on the magnificence of those covers. And, yes, the Supergirl appearance makes it hard to discount Prez as a dream. It seems, for a while at least, in 1974, the DC Universe was indeed run by a teenage boy…