Adventure Comics #406

Adventure Comics #406, May 1971

This is a rather striking entry in that fairly rare comics genre, the white cover. Finding one of these things in great condition is as rare as hen’s teeth — they’re usually streaked with the accumulated grime of thirty years’ worth of reading enjoyment. Steranko’s cover to Captain America #111 is another sterling example, but I’ll save that particular gem for a later post!

This Supergirl cover is by Mike Sekowsky. For this run in Adventure Comics, Sekowsky was the writer as well as the artist and his stories were always solidly entertaining. It was at that time that Supergirl had a forver-changing wardrobe: every issue features her in a different costume, each more wildly impractical than the last. Sometimes she even changes the costume several times within a single issue. I’ve no idea who was running them up for her but they must’ve been making a fortune! There’s probably a mini-series in that…

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