Tarzan #207

Tarzan #207, April 1972

A perfect fit for a blog called “Gorilla Daze”, don’t you think?

The first 206 issues of the jungle lord’s comic were published by Dell/Gold Key. In 1972 the licence came up for grabs and Carmine Infantino nabbed the book for DC. Unlike there would be today, there was no thought of restarting with #1 they just carried right on from where Gold Key left off. Joe Kubert took on the title as his lifelong dream project, writing, drawing and editing the book. He also edited the other titles in the group: Korak and Weird Worlds. As it was so close to his heart, this version of Tarzan is, to my mind, pretty much the definitive one — certainly in comic books anyway. Kubert’s art was perfectly suited to capture the sinewy ape man and his liana-strewn world.

Cover by Joe Kubert