Thor #337

The Mighty Thor #337, November 1983

Y’know, originally there I just wrote ‘Thor’ pure and simple. And then I thought, no, I’ll add the ‘Mighty’ part — and suddenly a wave of nostalgia rolled over me. ‘The Mighty Thor’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘The Uncanny X-Men’… it was those, ahem, Marvelous adjectives that made House of Ideas stand out back in the day.

Anyway. Thor #337. This is one I remember oh so well. I can recall buying it as if it were yesterday, and not — Good Lord! — 25 years ago. This was the comic that put a stop my my self-imposed comic buying moritorium. For a year or two, while in my mid-teens, I stopped buying all but two comics (Micronauts was one, and I think Rom was the other, oddly enough). I moved house late in 1983, and, thanks to the vagaries of UK distibution of US comics then, Thor #337 appeared in my local newsagent in January 1984.

I’d read somewhere that Walt Simonson was taking on both the writing and art for the Thunder God, but that cover image absolutely blew me away. I HAD to buy it. And the issue was not a disappointment: an alien called Beta Ray Bill striking Don Blake’s cane and becoming Thor?! Mind-blowing stuff. I read it over and over — probably the last comic for which that was true. And, having enjoyed that, I decided I’d take a look at what else was on the stands then. Thus, I embarked on the first step of a steady spiral into comics dependency…

Thanks, Walt! I’ve loved the ride.