Warrior #7, 1982

Let’s stay close to home this time, with a classic cover to legendary British magazine Warrior. Created by editor Dez Skinn, and populated by writers and artists who would quickly go on to find fame in the US, Warrior was home to such characters as Laser Eraser & Pressbutton, V for Vendetta, the Bojeffries family, and Father Shandor. Towering above them all, however, was the revival of an all-but forgotten British super-hero from the 1950s: Marvelman.

Brought back to life with a whole new approach to super-heroes and comics storytelling, Marvelman was written by up and coming young writer Alan Moore (whatever happened to him?), and equally young and upcoming artist Garry Leach. Together they produced something brilliant. While the impact of Marvelman may have dimmed today, that’s merely because its approach has been re-used by other hands time and time again in the years since.

Trust me — if you were there reading Warrior in 1982, you’d seen nothing like Marvelman. It was electric.

Cover by Mick Austin. This image won the Eagle Award for best cover that year.

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