Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #5, June 1972

With the tv show Dark Shadows having bitten the dust a year before, the era of gothic romance was perhaps fading. Reflecting this, DC chose to rename their gothic romance comics, and move them away from the eerie romance genre towards more standard House of Mystery-style anthologies. This issue represents a kind of half-way house: the title has changed from Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love to Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, but the story contained therein is inventory left over from the original title. Jack Oleck and Don Heck tells how “They All Came to Die!”, a full-length 36-page tale that saw the genre out in fine style.

Not quite the last gasp though, as sister title Sinister House would undergo a similar change the following month.

Nick Cardy, at the time a ubiquitous presence as cover artist at DC, provides the fine cover — and the penultimate appearance of that lass in the long white dress.

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