The news of Dave Cockrum’s passing is extremely sad. He was responsible for revitalising two great comic series: The Legion of Super-Heroes and the X-Men. His stint of the Legion is fondly recalled by so many long-term fans, even though his stay was relatively short. He brought a whole new approach to drawing the 30th Century and his design sense may be unequalled. And, of course, fresh from doing that, he landed the gig drawing the revived X-Men. Giant Size X-Men #1 saw the first appearance of the new X-Men and Cockrum’s designs for Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler are solid gold classics. In two stints on the ongoing title he set the standard and provided a solid foundation for the world-beating super-hero team we all know today. The box office smash film trilogy owes him much.

The world of comics owes him even more.