DC Comics Goes Ape

DC solicited a rather nifty new trade paperback in the latest Diamond Previews catalogue. DC Comics Goes Ape collects a bunch of tales featuring those beasts of a simian persuasion. Includes: Superboy #76, Flash #127 (more here), Detective Comics #339 and #482, Hawkman #16, Wonder Woman #170 (more here), Strange Adventures #201, Super Friends #30, and Flash (Vol 2) #151.

A great, reasonably-priced opportunity to own all these, ahem, classic tales, or have them all in the same place for easy reference. Generally pretty silly, DC’s gorilla stories are always good fun — and really once you’ve seen Wonder Woman transformed into a gorilla by a love-sick alien ape, you’ll be hooked for life!

Cover art by the ever wondrous Art Adams.

©2008 DC Comics