DC guarantee ad

Here’s a fun ad from way back in 1955 when DC Comics were offering a guarantee of the best in comics reading. I offer no opinion on whether that guarantee holds true today as I really don’t read much in the way of modern comics.

Given the 1955 date and the profile given to the just-formed Comics Code Authority, the ad was presumably designed to give reassurance to parents concerned that their kids were about to fall prey to the horrors of juvenile delinquency. “No, Timmy, put down that rock..!”

My Greatest Adventure and Strange Adventures were anthology titles featuring various tales of excitement, frequently with a Twilight Zone style twist. Later in its run My Greatest Adventure stopped being an anthology and became home to DC’s band of misfit superfolk the Doom Patrol. Similarly, once the interest—or sales, at any rate—in anthologies waned, Strange Adventures welcomed Deadman aboard, and then hosted Adam Strange reprints—presumably because the title fit.

Image ©2013 DC Comics