Beauty on a Budget, DC romance

Here’s another of DC’s filler pages from its romance line. This Beauty on a Budget, as were they all as far as I know, was drawn by “Elizabeth”—better known in later years as the colourist Liz Berube. This time out we get to concentrate on the lush locks of the lovely ladies as the DC editors dish put tonsorial advice for the post summer, run-up-to-Thanksgiving gal about town. Fake flowers are a theme, along with the very 70s ribbons and bows. Finally we’re told that is all else fails to impress —or, indeed, no doubt, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy—then it might be best to wear a hat. That looks more like a 1920s flapper hat to me though, but what do I know about female fashions?

As ever, this is beautifully drawn by Berube. The style she uses is reminiscent of the early-20th century illustrations/comic strips of Nell Brinkley and Ethel Hays, artists that really ought to be better remembered today.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember which particular comic I scanned this from. Very naughty of me, I know. It would’ve been from somewhere around the early-1970s though.

Image ©2011 DC Comics