Bobo is sitting at his desk in Sheriff Chase’s office reading the local newspaper, when he notices that a circus is coming to town. “Ook! Ook!” he cries, “My old jungle pals have come back to town!” He wants to go off and meet them, but the Sheriff insists that he puts in a full day’s work first. We’re not entirely sure just what work Bobo does around the office — perhaps he mans the phone..?!


Come five o’clock, Bobo sprints off to the circus, and is soon chatting to his chimp pals. He’s distracted when the alarm is sounded over some stolen jewels. Bobo licks his lips over this news: a chance to solve the crime completely on his own. He stalks the circus by night and soon comes across a man acting suspiciously. He attempts to overpower the man but is soon slapped down and bundled into a cage!

Bobo tackles

The cage is soon being loaded onto a freight car for transporting. “Woo! Eee!” screams Bobo, but he’s completely unable to attract any attention to his plight. “This is awful! I’ve been chimp-knapped!”

Bobo frees himself

Bobo spots his assailant again, and grabs a gun from a passing rail-road policeman. He blasts the padlock of his cage and is startled by the weapon’s recoil. He springs free, but the bad guy has seen him and comes running over. Bobo tackles him just as Sheriff Chase arrives. Chase covers the man, but is unsure as to what is going on. Bobo goes to the cage and reveals the stolen jewels hidden in a secret compartment in the floor. Chase makes the arrest and everyone flies home. Later, Bobo is allowed a vaction with his chimp pals as a reward for his hard work.


Another lovely little Detective Chimp tale. Solid entertainment in 6 pages. John Broome scripts and Carmine Infantino draws, as ever. This one is from way back in 1955. It’s worth noting that in these stories Bobo only thinks in English. When communicating with Sheriff Chase he merely jabbers. In current DC continuity, where Bobo is appearing in 52, he is portrayed as a super-detective genius, every inch the equal of Ralph Dibney, and speaks fluently.

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